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Student Care

Welcome to Eastmont's Student Care Program!  

We are a School-Age Childcare Program licensed for children in kindergarden through 12 years of age.  We provide an informal learning environment where students can develop socially and intellectually.  There is something for everyone!

To be eligible:

  •  Elementary students must be enrolled at Cascade, Grant, Kenroy, Lee,  Rock Island, or Sterling.
  •  If space permits, services are also provided for intermediate students through age 12.
  • A registration form for the current school year has been received.
  • The registration fee of $40 per student has been paid.
  • A current copy of the Washington State Department of Health Certificate or Immunization (DOH 348-01300) is on file.
  • Students must wait at least 24 hours after completing the registration process before starting.
  •  Families receiving State assistance may begin attending Student Care after we receive notification from the State that childcare has been authorized.

A Typical Day:

Activities are available that allow students opportunities to learn through experience, to develop personal skills and interests, and to work in groups.

Unstructured time provides students with the chance to relax with friends and choose from a wide variety of activities, which include:  art, building manipulatives, computers, drafts, reading, and science.

Staff supports students academically by providing assistance during a designated homework time.

Group games and outdoor play benefit students by helping them to stay fit, learn to work together with their peers, and to have fun.

Nutritious snacks are provided.

To Register:

Complete the following forms:  2015-16 Registration, Sunscreen & Handsanitizer, and Field Trip Permission; bring in a signed copy of the official Washington State Dept. of Health Immunization Form, and return to the Student Care Program along with the $40 per student registration fee.

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