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8:20 First Bell *9:20 Monday’s
8:25 School Begins *9:25 Monday’s
10:00 - 10:15 Kindergarten Recess
10:15 - 10:30 First Grade Recess
11:20 Kindergarten Lunch
11:42 First Grade Lunch
11:52 Second Grade Lunch
12:02 Third Grade Lunch
12:12 Fourth Grade Lunch
2:05-2:20 Second, Third, Fourth Recess
3:10 Dismissal

Student Recognition

over 3 years ago


Super Cub Slips

When students are caught doing something above and beyond (being a good friend, picking up garbage, helping someone that is hurt, etc.) their behavior is awarded with a "Super Cub Slip".  These are collected in classroom, and on Friday mornings each teacher draws out two slips.  The students drawn will choose a prize! 


At Cascade we are Celebrating Success Everyday!

Recognizing the good in students is an integral part of the culture at Cascade Elementary Our staff seeks ways to give positive praise and recognition to our students.  Below are a few of the ways we recognize students across the whole school.


September     -     Kindness
October          -     Respect
Nov/Dec         -     Tolerance
January           -     Responsibility
February        -      Cooperation
March             -      Trustworthy
April                -      Initiative
May                 -     Perseverance 

Celebration Assemblies


Four times per year, we will put together Celebration Assemblies to publicly honor our great students.  At these assemblies, we will:


  • Recognize students who were chosen for each monthly habit
  • Recognize entire classes with class awards
  • Celebrate class goals
  • Recognize students for out of school accomplishments



Student Handbook

about 1 month ago

Please choose the link below to access our Student Handbook.


2019-20 Cascade Elementary Student Handbook


Elementary Engineers
Each grade level has the opportunity to participate in an after school STEM Group, this is an approximate six week class that meets after school with an instructor to complete a project and then the entire group competes with all other elementary schools in the district.

Student Leadership

over 4 years ago



Cascade Cub Leaders

Student Leadership Club

The Student Leadership Club is a program designed to promote service learning for students in 4th grade. The Student Leadership Club is a group of students interested in helping out around the school and modeling positive behaviors for younger students.  This program will help students build leadership skills.

What do student leaders do?

Student leaders:

  • Learn ways to be a good leader (called leadership skills)
  • Help teachers with different jobs such as making copies, cutting out pictures, preparing bulletin boards, etc.
  • Help other students by being a bus “buddy”, a tutor, a peer helper, or a special recess friend
  • Help staff members
  • Assist with Box Top collections and promotions
  • Attend PTO meetings
  • Promote special days, like “Crazy Sock Day”
  • Make posters to display around the school
  • Assist with special announcements
  • Help with school safety
  • Help organize special events such as Picture Day, Celebration assemblies, etc…
  • Help with school-wide projects such as clean-up day, bake sales, or food drives
  • Greet visitors to the school and give them a tour
  • Give new students and families a tour of the school
  • Safety patrol – open doors, greet peers and watch out for the safety of students, staff, and volunteers
  • Help in the library
  • Help in the computer lab:  turn on computers, stock supplies, etc…


What is the time commitment?

If you sign up to be a member of the Student Leadership Team you agree to:

  • Attend 3 sessions of leadership training (called Leadership Academy).
  • Depending on how many students sign up, you would be a student leader for at least half of the school year.
  • You might be doing some of your jobs before 8:30, during lunch, recess, or after school.